Chaminade Club of Providence, RI
Officers and Committees

President:  Bruce Ruby

Vice-President:  Nancy Weiss-Friend  

Treasurer, Scholarship Treasurer:  Catherine Bledsoe

Program:  Rosalind Y. Chua, Bruce Ruby

Scholarship Music Festival:  Rosalind Y. Chua, Sang Woo Kang, Robert Tevyaw, Bruce Ruby, Linnea C. Wincze

Publicity:  Linnea Wincze

Directory: Catherine Bledsoe

Stage Managers: John Wincze

Tea:  Nancy Weiss-Fried, John Wincze, Bruce Ruby, Linnea Wincze

Web site: Jenna Knasin

Membership:  Catherine Bledsoe

Officers and Committee members:  John Wincze, Larry Gousie, Roz Chua, Nancy Weiss-Fried, Deirdre Lavallee, Fran Foisy, Peg Lavallee, Herb Fried, and Cathy Bledsoe
Vice President Rosalind Y. Chua introduces the program
Former President Laurent Gousie greets members